Colorado Springs is sometimes called the “Christian Mecca” because of all the ministries headquartered here. But don’t be fooled by that reputation. There are tens of thousands of men, women, boys, and girls who do not know Christ. They live in our neighborhoods, go to our schools, work in our buildings, and hang out in our communities — human beings just like you and me who have never heard the good news of Jesus. Part of Front Range Alliance Church’s (FRAC) mission to present everyone complete in Christ is to help unbelievers find forgiveness through the gospel. This part of the mission falls under what we call Fill The City.

We want to fill Colorado Springs with the message of the cross, and we’re currently expanding our church to do just that. As of March 2017, we started a new campus led by two pastors on the east side of Colorado Springs at Springs Ranch Elementary School. With a strong small group model as part of the backbone of this new campus and one service on Sunday mornings to start, we pray this campus will be a light to the school and the surrounding neighborhoods of the love of Christ.

The Lord Jesus has blessed us with strong leadership, devoted members, and a unified vision that we believe will enable us to reach out to numerous non-Christians through this multi-site model. As the Lord sovereignly opens the necessary doors, we are faithfully walking through them in hopes of filling our circles of influence with His name. As the east and west campuses continue to grow, we hope to start campuses on the north and south sides of town to proclaim Christ to more people in the various El Paso County communities.